About Me

CR: Zoee Toh


Fell in love with photography shorty after picking it up when I joined Meridian Junior College Photography club back in 2012. To me, photography is a form of art. Although it is 2D, the combination of the different elements in the photo creates an additional depth which transforms it into a stunning 3D visual.

I love to shoot people, especially portraits and am a strobist at heart. I love be to add a dash of strobes to my images on top of the beautiful ambient light, adding that man made tough to nature.  It all began through a mentor-ship programme organized by the alumni of MJC Photography club where got the opportunity to learn studio and portraiture photography from a professional photographer. Since then, those two have become my favourite genres of photography. Currently I am looking to expand towards fashion photography.

Take a look around and feel free to contact me for any inquiries. Have a great day ahead!